City of Whyalla is seeking information about a stolen generator.

A portable generator, used to power a range of youth activities, has been stolen from the Unearth Festival held at the Ada Ryan Gardens.

The Yamaha generator, belonged to the City of Whyalla’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and is used regularly for youth events. The theft was discovered on Easter Sunday morning, April 1, when Council staff arrived to pack up equipment.

 Gail Rostig, Youth Development Officer, said the loss of the generator is already having an impact.

 “We have a Blue Light Disco tonight (Friday), we now need to hire a generator,” she said.

 She also said that YAC would not be able to run any movie nights until the generator was replaced.

The generator, similar to the one pictured, is valued at over $2000. It has been used for YAC activities including the recent Rainbow Run which attracted more than 1500 people.



Youth Mayor, Ethan Klobucar said he’s very disappointed.


“It’s really disappointing that someone would steal from a community group that puts on so many events for young people,” he said.

 “We are hoping that by publicizing the theft, someone might come forward with information or even return it,” said Ethan.

A police report has been filed and luckily Council had insured the generator, although a $500 excess is required.

If anyone has any information please contact Gail Rostig on 86 403 444.


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