The schedule for construction of the new Whyalla jetty remains on track.

Special gates to allow those in wheelchairs to fish and modified windbreaks are some of the extra options being considered for the City of Whyalla’s new jetty.

It is envisaged the gates would swing open from the handrail structure to allow easier access for those in wheelchairs to drop a line. The windbreaks would be strategically positioned along the handrail structure to provide the very best protection from the prevailing winds.

These extra features have come into consideration since the appointment of design consultants Magryn & Associates. The company completed initial inspections, geotechnical investigation and surveys in January this year and remain on track to present their final preliminary designs and rough order costs by the March 2 deadline stipulated by Council.

jettyThe Magryn team will be preparing the preliminary designs for the jetty based on the preferred Option C, pictured, design as presented and favoured during public consultation last year.

This will be followed by the calling of tenders in June or July with both council and Magryn confident of meeting the Christmas 2018 deadline for the completion of the structure. Council will liaise with Magryn for the calling of tenders for the actual construction work and supply of materials.

City of Whyalla Manager of Engineering Services Bart Servaas emphasised the advantages of appointing a design consultant with the project under the control of council.

“We could have gone out and bought a jetty off the shelf and had it put in place by one company which may or may not have used local contractors and labour,” Mr Servaas said.

“Council is determined to keep as much of this work local and performed by local contractors.”

The demolition of the existing jetty is likely to occur in conjunction with the initial stages of building the new structure as a cost saving measure. The sort of barge needed to demolish the jetty also likely to be required to start construction of the new jetty with this timing saving considerable cost in the barge coming across to Whyalla twice.

A new, more permanent, double fence has now been welded on to the entrance of the existing jetty to prevent unauthorised access and make the area more safe.

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