The City of Whyalla is holding a $10 microchipping day on Saturday, March 3

The City of Whyalla will be running another $10 microchipping day this year.

In preparation for new animal management laws coming into effect in July this year, council will be offering $10 microchipping for dogs and cats, or any other animals you’d like to keep safe, on Saturday, March 3 from 10am to 2pm at the dog park on Searle Street and McLennan Avenue.

You'll need to be quick though, we've only got about 200 chips left after a huge day last year when we offered the service. So, it is first in, first chipped.

microchipFrom July this year all dogs and cats must be microchipped.  Dogs and cats must also be registered with council and expiation notices will be issued to owners who fail to register.

Microchipping is a quick, safe and painless way for animals to be permanently identified and recorded under their owner’s name and contact details. It is a rice-grain sized chip inserted in the back of the animal’s neck that can be scanned by a vet or council official to retrieve the owner’s information.

“For people who love their animals, this is the very best way to keep them safe,” council senior compliance officer Rachel Coles said.

“If your dog or cat gets out and gets lost, it is so much easier for the animal to be returned if it is microchipped.

“A council officer picking up the animal can scan it to obtain the owner’s information so they can be contacted to have their pet returned.”

Microchipping can cost up to $55 with a vet or is normally $30 through the council, making the $10 March 3 microchipping day a “must” for every pet owner’s calendar if their pets aren’t already “chipped”.

New animal laws being brought in on July 1 this year will include compulsory desexing of all dogs and cats born from that day with all persons wishing to breed requiring to be registered breeders. Heavy fines will apply for people keeping dogs and cats that are not desexed if they are not registered breeders.

All dogs will be required to be desexed by six months and there’s exemptions for working livestock dogs.

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