A burst water main has caused traffic restrictions in Whyalla


EMERGENCY WORKS: The corner of Gowrie and Norrie avenues at 1pm today.

City of Whyalla works crews are hoping to reduce traffic restrictions at the corner of Gowrie and Norrie avenues after a water main burst early this morning.

Council crews were at the scene at 1.30am this morning after the incident that caused significant flooding on the road and under the surface. The water caused extensive damage to the road surface and washed away much of the base underneath.

Council crews have been working since the early hours of the morning to dig up the road, lay new base and put down a temporary surfacing. The roads in question will be included in the annual road maintenance program to put down a more permanent surface in the near future.

Council is hoping to be relax some of the traffic restrictions by the end of the day but won’t compromise anyone’s safety by opening roads too soon.

At present, Norrie Avenue is blocked at the Jenkins Avenue entrance to all but local resident traffic. Only local residents can access Norrie Avenue to travel either way between Jenkins Avenue and Gowrie Avenue. Norrie Avenue is blocked at the Gowrie Avenue turnoff with local traffic going south required to turn right on to Jackson Avenue.

Motorists on Gowrie Avenue are not able to turn right on to Norrie Avenue, or go straight ahead to Jackson Avenue. They can turn left on to Norrie Avenue.

Norrie Avenue is open to northbound traffic but motorists are unable to turn right on to Gowrie Avenue.

Further updates to come.

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WORK UNDERWAY: The scenes at the corner of Gowrie and Norrie avenues at 8.30am this morning

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