OPAL Outdoor Adventure

The Great Outdoor Adventure

 OPAL is excited to present a brand new activity for the 2014-15 summer school holidays…The Great Outdoor Adventure!


Introducing OPAL

OPAL started in the Whyalla community in 2010. Click on the link or the logo to find out more about the program.       

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Life Looks Brighter Outside

Make Saturday and Sunday outdoor fundays this weekend at your local park and playground!

 OPAL - Geocaching

Geocaching: High Tech Scavenger Hunt

A great outdoor activity for the whole family!

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Peel Pour Pop!

We all know a healthy brekky is important for kids and parents. It provides a great start to the day and helps kids’ learning and concentration. It also provides plenty of vitamins and minerals your kids need for a healthy body.

Think Feet First. Step, Cycle, Scoot to School

Click on the link or logo to find out more about OPAL’s current theme and how you can actively travel to school in Whyalla.

Make it a Fresh Snack

Vegies, fruit and fresh foods help kids grow strong. Click on the link or the logo to find out more.

 Growing Guide

Whyalla Fresh Growing Guide

New to gardening and looking to set up your own vegie patch? Click on the link or logo to get tips on how to get started.

 Contact Us OPAL

Contact us: 

Have any ideas or suggestions of what you'd like to see happening in Whyalla?

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 Catering for taste, profit and health!

Whyalla City Council's OPAL program has healthy catering grants available. These grants are to help fund equipment needed to prepare healthy food or to help trial new ideas at events. Funding can range from $200-$2000.

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Community fundraising

Do you want to make a profit whilst promoting healthy lifestyles?

Check out these fundraising ideas collated by OPAL by clicking on the logo.


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