The City of Whyalla has revealed three big initiatives


BIG DAY: GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta, Whyalla Mayor Clare McLaughlin and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Whyalla's Big Reveal today.

Whyalla is embarking on the most significant and exciting transformation in the history of the city.

This was announced on Monday at Whyalla’s Big Reveal as Mayor Clare McLaughlin, in conjunction with some equally big news from GFG Alliance, revealed three ground-breaking initiatives as part of the Whyalla City Transformation Blueprint.

Working with key partners - GFG Alliance, Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy (BECE), Pelligra Constructions, Peats Soil & Garden Supplies, the State and Federal governments and the Whyalla community - Council is aiming to create a city to live and work in that will be worthy of the global market leader status Sanjeev Gupta will be creating with his transformation of the GFG Alliance steelworks and associated mines.

The exciting list of projects for Whyalla include a $145m renewable energy intensive horticultural development (BCEC), $45m foreshore hotel (Pelligra) and a $6m green organic recycling project (Peats).

 “This is the most exciting and important time in Whyalla’s history and we are entering into an unprecedented era,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“Over the next decade, Whyalla will be transformed, fuelled by growth in all sectors and intensely watched by the world.

 “But the opportunity created won’t come just from the timely investment in our Steelworks and mines or, for that matter, any other single investment from external sources, it will need all of us in Whyalla to step up and fire up the spirit of our community.

“This is just the start on the City Transformation Blueprint journey … we will have more exciting news in the near future.”

GFG Alliance Executive Chairman Sanjeev Gupta welcomed the Council news saying both sets of announcements complemented each other with his company a very real partner with the City of Whyalla.

“With our announcements and the Council’s exciting projects, Whyalla really does have an exciting, sustainable future,” Mr Gupta said.

“Our plans align perfectly with those of Council and we will continue to work hand-in-hand to make Whyalla a place that everyone will want to come to both work and live in.

“We congratulate Council on its plans for the future with its City Transformation Blueprint that not only give us the confidence to move forward but also complements and supports what we plan to do for our operations and the city.”

Mayor McLaughlin said the projects would be funded in partnership with the relevant investors and stakeholders while Council would also be seeking support from the State and Federal governments and ensuring the whole of Whyalla will be brought along for the ride.

“We Are Whyalla is a catch cry that you’ll see more and more over the coming months as we engage every section of our community, as we communicate to every last member of our city our bold and world-reaching plans,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“With partners like GFG Alliance, BECE, Pelligra Constuctions, Peats, the governments of Australia and of South Australia, and so many more, we the community of Whyalla will build on these investments by investing in ourselves.

“It won’t happen overnight, but as sure as the next day will come, the amazing story of Whyalla will unfold.”


SOLAR HORTICULTURAL FACILITY: A new state-of-the-art $145m intensive horticulture facility powered by renewable energy solar power - BECE.

BECE is a 100% owned subsidiary of Beijing Enterprises Water Group, one of the major state-owned company in China.

BECE operates a broad range of renewable energy projects both in China and overseas, including solar farm, wind farm, battery storage, clean heating supply service, geothermal power, micro-grid network technologies and more.

BECE engages broadly into the entire industrial value chain, from investment, design, construction, operation to technical support and funds. The company has proposed to invest in a $145 million solar project combined with intensive horticulture operations in Whyalla.

This project is the first outcome from a recent Council delegation visit to China.

The facility will be built on a large parcel of land in the Whyalla Industrial Estate with Council pressing the need for as much local labour and materials to be used in its construction.

NEW HOTEL: A $45m, 150-room hotel with conference and pool facilities located on our wonderful foreshore – Pelligra Constructions.

Pelligra is a family-owned commercial, industrial and residential property developer, with over 60 years of experience and diverse capabilities in development and construction. Its long-standing involvement in the real estate market gives it unparalleled insight in locating value and investment security, and a keen eye for predicting upcoming trends and demands.

With all the exciting developments in Whyalla, Pelligra is confident in the township’s potential and future and has committed to developing a new hotel on the Whyalla foreshore.

The estimated investment of the new hotel will be approximately $45 million – a significant amount for the region. The hotel will be 3.5-4 star accommodation including food, beverage, conference areas, onsite car parking and other facilities.

The exact location of the new hotel on the foreshore is currently being established.

Council will be impressing on Pelligra the need to employ as many locals as possible in the construction stage while the running of the hotel is expected to involve a predominantly local workforce creating many jobs in Whyalla.

ORGANIC RECYCLING: A green organic recycling business will be established in Whyalla to process our organic waste - Peats Soil & Garden Supplies

Peats has the vision to be a world leader in sustainable and innovative organics recycling. With a 45-year heritage and passion for organics recycling and the creation of valuable landscaping, garden and horticultural products, Peats has a reputation as a true environmental and carbon friendly company.

Peats, in conjunction with Council, is in the process of entering a lease agreement to support a $5-6m green organic recycling business. It will take all the organic and green waste generated in Whyalla and transform it into organic fertiliser.

Peats is confident it will have its business operating by mid-year 2019 with Council again pressing the need for as much local labour and materials to be used in its construction. The ongoing operation of the facility is expected to involve a predominantly local workforce creating more jobs for Whyalla.

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