The Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry held another fantastic awards night last week.

THE City of Whyalla was proud to again be a major sponsor of the 2017 Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Awards held last week.

The awards celebrate the achievements of Whyalla businesses and employees in a range of categories and levels. Whyalla Mayor Lyn Breuer was present and spoke at the glittering event attended by more than 100 people at the Westland Hotel Motel on Friday, October 13.

The support of local companies and workers is something Council prides itself on and is always keen to promote and acknowledge.

 “These awards were a real celebration now that Whyalla has turned the economic corner and is looking at one of the brightest business eras in the city and the region’s history,” Mayor Breuer said.

“It was fitting the Chamber was able to celebrate these achievements with its awards in this new time of business confidence in Whyalla.

“The Chamber, along with council, has never wavered in its support and acknowledgement of business in Whyalla during the uncertain times, so it was wonderful to have this night as we move forward into exciting times for Whyalla.”

awardMayor Breuer said council had a special connection with Lawnporn, winners of the New Business of the Year Award. The company has been founded in their spare time by Matt Daum and his wife Shiree who is a City of Whyalla employee.

“A big congratulations must go to Shiree Daum and her husband Matt,” Mayor Breuer said.

“This is an amazing example of a local with some vision, having a go.”

A business started by Matt posting pictures of his beloved lawn on Facebook and progressing to the recruitment of Whyalla businesses to provide prizes for the best lawns in the city and to marketing its own fertilisers and root builder. It is now blue/green skies ahead for Lawnporn.

Matt was totally unprepared for the honour on Friday and it was bitter sweet for the Daums after they lost their beloved black Labrador Guinness on Friday.

“Friday was a roller coaster ride,” Matt said.

“We had to deal with the loss of Guinness, our dog, friend and soulmate, just before we had to go to the Whyalla Chamber of Commerce & Industry awards night.

“I was really surprised, I got up and did a speech for about two minutes trying to explain to a group of very successful Whyalla business people what Lawnporn was all about.

“I was still feeling sad about Guinness, then the Mayor of Whyalla, Lyn Breuer, came along and I couldn’t help but smile.

“She’s the best, actually she’s a cracker.

“She really has been a strong leader in difficult times at Whyalla when the town nearly lost the steelworks which would have devastated the employment and local economy. She really did her part, as did all political figures no matter the party, to secure Whyalla’s future.

“Although I had many photos with the Chamber and other winners, I totally enjoyed dragging Lyn and my wife to get some pics.”

The main award, the Business of the Year, was won by Head Catering.

The local business has been running for more than ten years now and has been a spectacular success for founder Nathan Head and his wife Kate. Providing catering for events from weddings and conferences, Nathan is also notable in the community for the work he does in teaching cooking for those less fortunate with his Community Cooking classes.

Other winners on the night - Apprentice of the Year: Aiden Tonks (CEG, Des’s Cabs); Apprentice of the Year: Jason Bristow (GFG Alliance); Trainee of the Year: Rylie Zbierski, (Perrott and Lowe); Business Icon:  U-Pedal Cycles; Business Individual: Steve White; Employer of the Year: GFG Alliance.

Pictured: Matt Daum gives the thumbs up with Mayor Lyn Breuer, Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ron Hay and Shiree Daum.

Read more about the winners on the Whyalla News website: and at




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