The Whyalla Public Library is holding two fascinating sessions for kids to learn about malleefowl on Thursday.


The malleefowl is a truly amazing bird and it is right here on our doorstep.

What’s more, kids can learn more about them on Thursday at the Whyalla Public Library.

They’ll even get to see a preserved specimen of an adult malleefowl and a chick along with one of their greatest enemies – the fox.

Natural Rescources Management Office Barb Murphy is going to be at the library for two sessions on Thursday, October 5 from 10am and 2pm, to tell us all about this wonderful native bird. They are the birds that build the big mounds to lay and incubate their eggs.

Here's some interesting facts:

1. Both male and female malleefowl build and maintain the mound until egg laying starts then only the male works the mound and the female puts all of her energy into egg laying.

2. Malleefowl provide no parental care, once the chicks hatch they have to look after themselves. As egg laying is staggered not all chicks hatch at once.

3. Malleefowls live only in Australia and belong to the family of Megapodes, a name that means ‘big foot’.

There is even more to learn at these timely couple of fun, information and interactive sessions about out native wildlife with the malleefowl now in their breeding season. That means there’s lots of mound-building going on especially between Whyalla and the regions around Kimba where many of these birds live.

The kids will not only learn some fascinating stuff about these birds, they’ll also get to take part in environmental activities like the “habitat game”.

Barb is very passionate about our wildlife and loves sharing information regarding the fauna and flora on the Eyre Peninsula. These are sessions you just can’t afford to miss.

It’s important to remember that bookings are essential for the library activities.

They can be made by phoning the library on 8645 7891.





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