The City of Whyalla has put together three surveys to find out what sort of playgrounds the community would like to see.

How do your kids like to swing, slide, climb or fly?

At the City of Whyalla we want to know so we can install the best new play equipment at various playgrounds around the city and the region.

playThere are so many great and interesting new playground pieces of equipment of offer. It’s not just your standard swings and slides these days (although there’s nothing wrong with them either) as we have play equipment like the Turnfly, the Sky Surf and the Hip Hop to name a few.

Play equipment is not only fun for kids, it is great for their fitness, wellbeing and development with many of the new designs put together with this in mind.

We’re offering parents and kids the chance to have their say on this new equipment with three surveys revolving around the Travers and Field streets playgrounds and at Pt Lowly.

With a range of questions to find out how you think your playground should look and function, there’s some pictures of equipment to help you make up your mind but don’t be restricted by these. If you’ve seen a piece of equipment you think would work well at the relevant playground, let us know about it.

These surveys will take no more than 10 minutes unless we’ve given you too many choices and find it hard to pick between them. To help, we’ve included a few videos here too so you can see the sort of fun stuff we could have in Whyalla.

Get clicking so your kids can keep climbing, swing and sliding on the latest and the coolest equipment.


Click here for Travers Street Playground


Click here for Field Street Playground


Click here for Pt Lowly Playground




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