Whyalla received good news this week with a report detailing how council can help new and existing businesses in the region

council meeting

The City of Whyalla held a regular council meeting on Monday in the Civic Building chambers.

The following is a brief rundown of business covered at the meeting and the departments that are dealing with each item.

Some of significant items were the approval of the report which details how council can help new and existing businesses in Whyalla while the dumping of asbestos will be free for a three-month period at the Mount Laura Waste and Recovery Centre following an education and awareness program.

City Growth and Development Works in Progress

Councillors at the meeting approved the Business Support and Incentive Policy Review. This is a report that outlines how council can best assist businesses to establish themselves, extend and operate successfully in the Whyalla region.

Infrastructure and Planning Works in Progress

Following an education and awareness campaign, to be conducted by council, there will be a three-month period in which the public can deliver appropriately wrapped asbestos and asbestos contaminated waste for no charge at the Mount Laura Waste and Recovery Centre. After this period, council will again start charging but has  reduced  the disposal fee of asbestos to $231.50 per tonne, down from $247 per tonne. Dates for the education program and the free period will be advertised by council.

Corporate Services Works in Progress

There was another application from the owner of a block of land at 14 Walls Street for it to be used for residential purposes. The owner intends to build a house there but the land is currently assessed as being in a commercial zoned area. Council voted to have the land classified as residential for the 2017/18 year.

Regional Proposals for Joint Planning Board

Council has chosen to be part of the Spencer Gulf Cities (Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Pirie) pilot study to form a joint planning board that would look at land use planning and other strategic planning matters.  Council was also invited to be part of the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Authority’s study (consisting of 11 councils) but councillors voted to only take part in the study with the Spencer Gulf Cities.

Review of City Strategy and Policy Committee

Councillors voted to retain council’s City Strategy and Policy Committee for a further 12 months. This is a committee which deals with general strategic planning matters such as council’s strategic plan for the city. Recent State Government planning legislation make it no longer necessary to have such a committee.

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