A community event planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve will be postponed for 2016.

New Year’s Eve event postponed for 2016

A community event planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve will be postponed for 2016.

The event has been postponed as a result of a lack of resources throughout the busy and difficult festive period.

Whyalla mayor Lyn Breuer said while it was unfortunate that an event would not transpire for New Year’s Eve 2016, the council was working towards creating a sustainable New Year’s Eve event that would be run for many years to come.

“Unfortunately resourcing issues this year have meant that we’ve had to postpone the event for 2016, but we are working towards developing an enjoyable event to be held on New Year’s Eve into the future,” Ms Breuer said.

“We don’t want to run this as just a ‘once-off event’, we want to create an event that can be sustainable into the future.

“To do that, council staff will work to develop a sustainable activity that can be continued into the future, while taking into consideration, cost, resourcing and staffing hurdles experienced at such a busy time of the year.”

Ms Breuer said while some members of the community may be disappointed that an event would not go ahead for New Year’s Eve 2016, it was important to remember how many wonderful events Whyalla City Council provided to the community.

“I am incredibly proud to say that as a council we facilitate more community events than many other regional councils in the state,” Ms Breuer said.

“We deliver a large-scale Australia Day celebration, which provides seven-hours of free fun for the whole community, as well as providing regular summer market events, not to mention the other large-scale events the council facilitates, such as the uneARTh festival to be debuted in 2017, replacing the long-running Australian Snapper Fishing Championship and Fishy Fringe Festival.

“Running an event is incredibly expensive, and unfortunately sometimes it seems the community has higher expectations than what is achievable, so for this year we will be postponing the New Year’s Eve celebrations, but look forward to delivering a successful celebration for future New Year’s Eve events.”

Following the decision to postpone the 2016 New Year’s Eve festivities, the council is seeking feedback from Whyalla residents regarding future New Year’s Eve events.

Residents can provide their feedback by completing an online survey before Friday, February 3, 2017.

The survey can be found here:

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