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Thursday, October 11, 2016

Whyalla rebranded

The crucial development of a new brand for the City of Whyalla has been completed and is set to be rolled out across the city.

The council began a rebranding process in November 2015, engaging experienced consultants Algo Mas Marketing to undertake the extensive process involved with developing a new city brand.

The process included extensive public consultation, city profiling, and the development of imagery representative of the city.

The council officially adopted the new brand at its June council meeting, and since this time council staff have been busily finalizing the relevant documentation to allow for a roll out of the brand.

A recurring theme that came through powerfully throughout the engagement process was the incredible, natural environment and uniqueness of Whyalla, and its caring community that values diversity and a strong history and culture.

Inspired by Whyalla’s creative and arts community, the brand developers visualized all of these wonderful attributes of Whyalla as paint strokes coming together to encapsulate in the form of a sphere, which also presents as a wave, referencing the city’s costal characteristics.

The colour palette of the new brand was inspired by colours from Whyalla’s landscape which were taken directly from its sea, sunset sky and land.

The typography used touches on Whyalla’s industrial past, while also referencing its natural surrounds, reminiscent of the cracks seen on the shingle beach, and highlighting the community’s ability to come together and look towards the future.

‘Unearth’ has been adopted as the city’s rejuvenated strapline, which will be used to promote Whyalla’s tourism and economic development activities.

The strapline will be used in a suite of words, such as ‘Unearth opportunity’, ‘Unearth the lifestyle’, ‘Unearth beauty’, suggesting that there is a lot more to be discovered in and around Whyalla than many may believe.

The results of the public consultation process and extensive city profiling were used to develop a new logo, accompanied by a rejuvenated ‘strapline’, which will now be rolled out across the city’s infrastructure, services, and amenities.

Whyalla City Council mayor Lyn Breuer said she was excited about the council entering into this process to better position the City of Whyalla for greater promotion across the state and the nation.

“In such a volatile economic environment, it is essential that we are doing everything we can to promote ourselves, and a big part of that comes from our visual image,” Ms Breuer said.

“Our brand reflects who we are as a city and as a community, and the city’s current brand is considerably outdated and unreflective of what Whyalla stands for now.

“The council believes the new brand effectively represents the city; while it can be open to interpretation, the new brand highlights all of Whyalla’s most prized attributes; natural wonders, historical and cultural past, a resilient community, and a bright future.

“The rebrand will act as an opportunity to better promote the City of Whyalla as a modern and progressive city, culminating in more investment from outside industries and an increased perception of Whyalla as a tourist destination.”

Council staff have been actively preparing for the implementation stage of the rebrand, running down stationery stocks and timing projects to align with the roll out of the brand.

“The roll out of a new brand has the potential to be a costly activity, however council staff have been working to minimise the impact on the council’s budget by ensuring the implementation of the brand falls within the council’s normal operational activities,” Ms Breuer said.

“The council is undertaking this project responsibly to ensure the impact of the implementation is minimized as much as possible, while still rolling the brand effectively so that the overall aim to positively reposition Whyalla is achieved.”

The initial roll out will see the brand included on new signage throughout the city, as well as a redevelopment of the council’s website, and stationery items.

Whyalla’s new brand can be viewed at the council’s website,

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