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SEEING THE SIGHTS: Mayor Clare McLaughlin, Council CEO Chris Cowley, Whyalla Tourism Focus Group Chairperson Barbara Derham and WTFG member Ryan Sutherland at Point Lowly with the skilled migrants who visited Whyalla this week.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Whyalla was presented this week as a highly desirable destination to live and work.

The City of Whyalla teamed up with the Whyalla Tourism Focus Group (WTFG) and the Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDA) and Education and Innovation Precinct to present Living and Working in Whyalla, a showcase of the city’s skilled-job opportunities, liveability, services and community spirit.

To help spread the word about the job opportunities, housing availability, health services, education facilities and lifestyle options, Council, WTFG and the RDA worked with the Australian Migrant Resource Centre (AMRC) in Adelaide to bring 42 skilled migrants to Whyalla on Sunday and Monday for the presentation on the city.

Mayor Clare McLaughlin said Whyalla was already experiencing a shortage in qualified tradespeople, health workers and trained hospitality staff. She said the presentation not only highlighted the need to secure skilled workers for the immediate future but also the need for skills training programs for existing residents to become involved in the economic transformation of the city.

“With the GFG Alliance transformation of the steelworks, existing operations starting to pick up and more new industries being established, Whyalla needs skilled workers in certain areas,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“A lot of these projects, like the Cultana Solar Farm and new high school, are going to need hundreds of skilled workers very soon.

“Every skilled person that moves to our city with their family creates even more spin-off employment as they rent or buy homes, shop locally and utilise local services.

“If we can fill some of these positions now with skilled migrants it will be a win-win for the city while we continue to work with the government and agencies to establish more training opportunities for existing residents and our children when they finish school.”


Cultana Solar Farm: Due to start in early 2020.  Up to 300 panel installers required for the 12 month project. 

New high school: Construction of the $100m high school starts in March 2020 with up to 300 jobs in construction

GFG Alliance steelworks transition: Starts early 2020 requiring a wide range of skilled workers. 


INFORMATION SESSION: Whyalla Tourism Focus Group Chairperson Barbara Derham with RDA Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula Economic Development Manager David Penfold and Australian Migrant Resource Centre Deputy Chairperson Florina Fernandes at the Middleback Arts Centre.

WTFG Chairperson Barbara Derham said the community spirit shown by Whyalla to help organise the two-day showcase and welcome the migrants to Whyalla showed the city was ready and willing to embrace new residents.

“Our visitors were amazed by the hospitality, kindness, caring and welcome they received here,” Barbara said.

“Hoteliers in the city provided free accommodation, food suppliers provided for the visit, community groups pitched in to provide food and services and many employers came out to the Middleback Arts Centre to meet the visitors and explain job opportunities.

“Not one request we made, to help out, was refused by businesses, groups and individuals in our community.

“This was the first time we have done this and, speaking to those people who visited, I believe about 10 of them have already applied for jobs here with one couple already looking at buying a house.”


TRADES: Fitters and turners, boilermakers, electricians, instrumentation technicians, auto electricians, heavy diesel fitters, diesel mechanics, welding supervisors, project managers, IT installers

HEALTH: Occupational therapists, carers – aged and disability, registered nurses

HOSPITALITY: Managers, restaurant supervisors, general staff


TEAM EFFORT: Mayor Clare McLaughlin, Council CEO Chris Cowley, Whyalla Tourism Focus Group Chairperson Barbara Derham and WTFG member Ryan Sutherland at Point Lowly with members of the Australian Migrant Resource Centre.

RDA Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula Economic Development Manager David Penfold said the Whyalla showcase went hand-in-hand with the RDA’s mission to help regions like Whyalla to develop industries, a skilled workforce and communities where people want to live and work in.

“It was fantastic to see all the Whyalla stakeholders working together to help build the future of the city," David said.

“The Living and Working in Whyalla presentation has positioned and presented Whyalla to a very significant community base in Adelaide and around Australia,

“We now have 42 advocates who are going to carrying the message that Whyalla is a great place to live and work, back to their communities that often consist of thousands of people.

“Our visitors were all very motivated people and they are going to take this positive experience back to Adelaide to share with other skilled migrants who could potentially move to Whyalla and make a big difference to this city and community.”

The two-day visit included a welcome to the city by Mayor McLaughlin, an insight into city housing, health and education facilities, meetings with community leaders and potential employers, a tour of the steelworks and some sightseeing.


WELL INFORMED: The visiting skilled migrants with Whyalla Tourism Focus Group Chairperson Barbara Derham, WTFG member Ryan Sutherland and the RDA's David Penfold during the information session at the Middleback Arts Centre.

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