Local store a perfect fit for Whyalla event


PERFECT FIT: Emma Wake has jumped aboard the Garage Sale Trail with The Green Economy store in Whyalla.

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Garage Sale Trail theme of reuse and recycle is the perfect fit for The Green Economy shop in Whyalla.

Proprietor Emma Wake was quick to jump on board the Whyalla Garage Sale Trail when the City of Whyalla first announced it was hosting the event. Juggling her work as a teacher and proprietor of the main street shop, Emma will be opening her doors on Friday and Saturday to coincide with the local garage sale event.

The Green Economy shop represents everything that is good about the nationwide Garage Sale Trail on Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20. Emma is a passionate advocate for the sustainable circular economy with the mantra of reducing, reusing and refusing.

“The Garage Sale Trail is really, really cool … everything about it (the theme) is exactly me,” Emma said.

 “I’m big on the sustainable circular economy … I want people to see that second hand isn’t second best.”

The Green Economy will be open Friday and also from 9am on Saturday to coincide with the Plaza Markets which is also happening. Those keen to have a look at the 300 or more people/individuals participating in the garage sales around Whyalla on the weekend can get a flyer from the shop at 13 Patterson Street on Friday or Saturday.


Emma is hoping to have four individual garage sales in the back of her shop on Saturday to complement her regular goods.

“The garage sales down the back will have a lot of clothes, toys and household stuff and my whole business is about making more of the resources we’ve already got,” Emma said.

“It is about making sure we ask, borrow or look around for things before going out to the shop and buying cheap stuff.

“It (the Garage Sale Trail) is a really great way of sharing resources, time and effort.

“People pooling together to have a garage sale together as a community, or a street, really is a good message about community, about working together and making the most of what we’ve already got.”

Emma will also be available on Friday and Saturday, as she is every day, to talk to people about reusing and recycling and give some handy tips.

You can still register for the Council-hosted Garage Sale Trail or see where sales are happening on the weekend by going to

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