Cleanaway driver's wonderful gesture


THANKS: Cleanaway driver Josh Kennedy gives Ollie a special toy bin and exchanges a fist bump with the Whyalla youngster and his dad Tyler.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Whyalla’s Ollie Welgraven now has even more reason to rush out and wave to the kerbside waste truck driver every week.

Three-year-old Ollie lives with autism and also lives for trucks, cars and motorbikes. Every week, on bin day, he hears the Cleanaway waste truck coming from miles away and rushes out with mum Nissa to see the truck and driver in action.

Imagine his joy recently when driver Josh Kennedy stopped his truck, gave Ollie a wave and tooted his horn. Nissa was so moved she posted a thank you on the Whyalla Positivity Facebook page.


SPECIAL PRESENT: Ollie with dad Tyler and his new toy bin.

“I just wanted to give a shout out to a wonderful Cleanaway driver … it honestly made Ollie’s entire day,” Nissa said.

“He was so excited and played with his toy garbage truck for an hour before dinner.

“Thank you for being a kind human Josh … it was a small gesture but it was a huge deal for our little Ollie.”


APPRECIATED: Nissa's message on the Whyalla Positivity Facebook page.

Those comments were just some of Nissa’s post on social media after the wave and toot in front of their Whyalla home. Josh saw the post and went one better.

Last Friday he organised to meet with Ollie, Nissa and dad Tyler on his round.

"When I'm having a bad day and I see lil' dudes out waiting for me it makes it all worth it," Josh Kennedy.

Stopping off at the Welgraven’s house, Josh showed Ollie the workings of the truck, shared a fist bump and gave him a little toy Cleanaway bin.

Nissa, Tyler and Ollie were blown away by the visit. The rubbish pick-up round can be a thankless task, and the company and drivers often cop unnecessary flak, but this was one little customer and family that thinks they are, quite rightly, pretty special.


FASCINATED: Ollie and Dad Tyler watch the Cleanaway truck in action.

“I think it awesome that he (Josh) took the time out to do that,” Nissa said after the visit.

“I know it’s a pretty typical thing for kids to like trucks by with Ollie’s autism, he’s obsessed with them and, in particular, the garbage trucks.

“He just stands there completely in awe of it, he just loves watching the truck and then for an hour he is so excited.

“We weren’t expecting that (the visit) so thank you to Josh and thanks to Cleanaway.

“Ollie is going to play with that bin for the rest of the day.”


NEW FAVOURITE TOY: Ollie plays with his Cleanaway toy bin.

As for Josh, this humble bloke showed what a heart of gold he has when he replied to a recent post about his gesture.

"When I'm having a bad day and I see lil' dudes out waiting for me it makes it all worth it," Josh said.

"It picks me back up to get on with the job."

Great job Josh!



TIDY WORK: Cleanaway driver Josh Kennedy made Ollie's day not once, but twice.

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