Irishman gains Australian citizenship after 50 years


Newest Australian citizen Stanley with Mayor Clare McLaughlin after taking his vows

Whyalla’s Stanley McMaster recently became an Australia citizen after moving to Australia from Ireland just over 50 years ago.

Stan, 83, took his vows with Mayor Clare McLaughlin earlier this month to officially become an Australian citizen.

Stan moved to Australia in 1968 from his home “just 10 miles north of Belfast, Northern Ireland” after hearing of an Australian carpentry job in his local Belfast newspaper and realising the wealth of opportunity available in this country.

Stan came over with his wife and family of four children, first arriving in Sydney before moving to Melbourne where friends had lined up a job for him working in a rubber factory.

Stan has since been living and working “here there and everywhere” moving from job to job and place to place with a wealth of stories to go with it. He eventually arrived on the Eyre Peninsula in 1992, after then a brief stay in Kimba, Stan chose to retire in Whyalla after a long career as a carpenter and a builder.

Stan has loved Australia ever since moving here and from his travels around the country for work.

“When we first got to Australia my wife was in a fur coat and I was in a suit and tie, everyone around us was in shorts and thongs thinking we were in the wrong country,” Stan said.

“Whyalla is a lovely little place though, having lived in Adelaide in Melbourne you come to appreciate the little places.”

Stan sought his citizenship as looks to travel overseas.

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