Reinforcing work at marina


There will be no weekday access to the Whyalla marina’s southern and sea-facing breakwaters for about two weeks starting next Monday the 8th of July.

Local company Whyalla Earthworks will be continuing with the third stage of the breakwater rock armour installation project that will strengthen the inner-face of the breakwater. This work will shore up this important section of the marina to ensure its continued safety.

The first stage of the project involved carting in 180 five-tonne rocks and strategically placing them along the sea-facing breakwater in June this year. The second stage - saw another 200 rocks placed along the breakwater.

For the duration of the project, part of the carpark near the entrance to the southern breakwater will be blocked off on weekdays and there will be no access to the southern and sea-facing breakwaters. See map below.

The southern breakwater will be re-opened on weekends to give access to the swimming enclosure but the sea-facing breakwater will remain closed.

The will be no restrictions to the boat ramp or any other part of the marina carpark but motorists, boaties and pedestrians are asked to be mindful of trucks and heavy machinery moving about in the area.

Council understands this is a popular walking area for the public but the nature of these works - with trucks, heavy machines and big rocks - makes access to this area hazardous for the general public while in progress.

Council thanks the public in advance for their patience and understanding for what is vital work to maintain our breakwaters and marina.

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