The City of Whyalla, together with Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula, in 2016 commissioned this Master Plan for the Northern Coastline extending from Point Lowly to Point Douglas.

The Master Plan analyses the area’s tourism and recreation assets and its potential for further development for activities such as walking and bicycle trails, camping, to take advantage of the unique scenic coastline of the Upper Spencer Gulf. It thus aims at creating a high quality destination for residents of Whyalla and visitors to the region through the improvement of its facilities designed to support these activities. The opportunities for increased visitation are essentially based on themes of the natural environment, adventure, aquatic activities, camping, or a combination of these.

The master plan preparation included research and preparation phase, including liaison with various stakeholders for their input. The draft plan also underwent a consultation phase with the community, the feedback obtained being used to further shape the draft plan into its final form. It has now been accepted in its final form by Council and can be found here.

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